For the sake of learning English, I try to read the original version of The Power of Now and Hackers and Painters. To be honest, it’s very difficult, two many unacquainted words and phrases. Even only one in a sentence would affect my understanding.

Therefore, I stopped my reading and searched on the Internet for better approach to do this. After a long surfing, Here is the tips that I summarized.

Choose Appropriate Books

First of all, you must choose books consciously. I guess you wouldn’t like to read a book like vocabulary, it could, not surprisingly, smash your confidence and interest. So a book that is compatible with, or even larger with your vocabulary is a good start. Then another harder one will go on.

Second, read the book that you are really interested in, for example, popular fiction or books of your profession. You read books not just for vocabulary, but also for fun or intelligence.

Build Architecture of the Book Firstly

When you unwrap the book, the first thing you should know is that what is this book about. Preface and first 30 ~ 50 pages will provide you with preliminary knowledge of this book, with which, you can find the following pages much easier to understand. So take first few pages seriously and carefully, they would help you a lot.

Speed, Speed, Speed

It’s too normal when you encounter some words that you never seen before. DO NOT consult the dictionary, guess what it means according to the context and go on. A few unknown words don’t affect your understanding of the current paragraph, don’t slump into details.

Of course, unknown words, complicate phrases, new usages of old words should be highlighted. It’s time to settle and understand these after you read this chapter.

Immediate Feedback

I know it’s hard to persist in reading English books, so a quick feedback is needed to encourage yourself. Discussing the book you are reading on the forum, writing some articles with the knowledge you just learnt from that book are good tricks. You, I firmly believe, can find more methods better than what I just mentioned.

End. Hope it helps.